Getting Used to Being Unexpectedly Pregnant

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Editor's Note: Raise your hand if you have had an unplanned pregnancy and/or were unexpected yourself? I can raise both hands myself. Many pregnancies are surprises, and yes, they even happen to married couples. Jessica F. Hinton is expecting another baby (congrats, Jessica!) and she shared her real emotions about this unexpected bundle of joy. Go offer her some congrats and share your own stories! -Jenna

Unexpectedly Pregnant:

I would often call this pregnancy “unexpected” early in conversations about it to family and close friends. And I still do, but now, when I say it, I don’t feel that pit in my stomach I used to feel, the one that comes when you feel guilty about something and a bit embarrassed that at 30, you’re having kids, unexpectedly.

All things really do happen according to a plan that we don’t always know about. So while unexpected, this pregnancy really was planned.

I heard the baby’s heartbeat almost two months ago. It was then, or in that moment, that I got the same maternal feeling I’ve felt with my other two children.

Unexpectedly Pregnant
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