Unfriending and Unfollowing During This Election

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As the election comes to a fever pitch with only a few days to go until the fate of the nation is sealed for another four years, more than any other election, I think I'm going through politics burnout and it's all due to social media. I have never had another period of time when I've been more annoyed by things said online, spoken not in a lighthearted way that holds promise that we can put our preferred political party to the side after the election in order to solve issues. Instead, things I've seen in black-and-white in my Twitter stream or Facebook status updates have made me see people in an entirely new light... and usually not a good one.

Toni Spilsbury has a post about unfriending over politics. She tells the story of an exchange between her uncle and brother that went from bad to worse on their Facebook walls and ended with a family divided.

So today, with great remorse, and without the option of an “unfamily” button, I moved my mouse to the big “unfriend” button on my uncle’s Facebook page while thinking about how unfortunate it is that opposing political views are the origin of such an uncomfortable conclusion.

I don't know about you, but come November 6th, I will miss the intelligent conversations I've had with people with various political views this election cycle. But I won't miss the name calling or anger that keeps sparking across various social media platforms in regards to Romney and Obama.

Have you unfriended anyone due to things said during this election cycle?

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