Set Adrift: Pregnancy and Parenting After Infertility

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Editor's Note: For all of the voice we give to postpartum depression, for all of the available support for those undergoing fertility treatments, Keiko at The Infertility Voice wants to know why we're still dropping the ball. Prenatal depression is real, and for those who have undergone fertility treatments, the lack of support during pregnancy can feel overwhelming. She suggests we do better by our mothers. -Jenna

The Untethered Boat of Pregnancy and Parenting After Infertility:

First, prenatal depression is real, valid and seriously under-recognized, reported and treated. Second, collective emotional support resources for the pregnancy after infertility community are seriously lacking.

I feel like we as a community do a lot to keep each other going on the journey, but once some of us reach the precipice of pregnancy and parenthood, suddenly, the anchor’s been pulled up and we’re set adrift. And I’m not saying that it’s a matter of fellow passengers suddenly abandoning ship – although that does happen. When it’s just infertility that we’re dealing with, we have plenty of life rafts and life jackets in the form of professional support outlets: RESOLVE, therapists, support groups, coaches, tons of books, websites, forums and message boards.

But where are those life jackets and preservers when we see those two lines? When we get the call from the adoption agency? Support outlets for pregnancy and parenting after infertility are few and far between. And I think we can – and should – do better to support those going through this transitional state.

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