Urban Legend Ultrasound: It's a Girl! Oops! No, It's a Boy!

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For those of you who found out via ultrasound the gender of your baby prior to giving birth, did you have that little doubt in the back of your head? The one that said, "Are you really sure that ultrasound tech was right? Should you really be painting these walls pink?" And then five different people told you stories about their best friend's sister's cousin's uncle's wife's nanny who was totally surprised by a baby of a gender that they didn't plan for on birth day?

I'd like you to meet Sarah H at Salt & Nectar. She is that woman. And her story will both make you laugh (she found out the real gender IN MEXICO while on a BABYMOON!) and make you cry (gender woes, ahoy!).

Thankfully she brings the laughs first. She writes:

baby ultrasound_4I am an urban legend.

You know that friend of a friend of a friend you heard about? The one who was told she was having a girl by two different ultrasound techs only to find out – SURPRISE! – it was actually a little boy?

That’s me.

Did you ever have an Urban Legend kind of ultrasound with a surprise ending?

Photo Credit: radiomacguys.

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