Use an Undisclosed Location to Get Things Done

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[Editor's Note: Sometimes you just have to escape from all contact with others if you want to get things done. I can remember hiding in conference rooms, the cafeteria, and my car when I worked in corporate if I had to focus on something. Now I am known to escape my own home office when I need to focus. So do you need an "undisclosed location" to get things done? - Paula G]

How Busy Are You? Do You Need An 'Undisclosed Location' To Get Things Done?

I am now in an “Undisclosed Location” (UL) a la Tim Kreider, where I can get excellent Internet service if I sit on this dock and lean a little. My email can’t ping too often, and I’m prepared to do Some Real Writing. (I’m not sure about the caps,but I figure if you need to capitalize the UL, the “real” writing completed in the UL must be worth caps, too.)

I’m a little late in the game marveling over how much attention Kreider’s blog entry on the New York Times Opinionator about being “busy” received.

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