Is Your Workout Right for Your Age?

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Editor's note: Working out in your 20s definitely feels different than in your 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond. Only should your fitness routine change along with your age? Sarah, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, addresses this question, along with how staying in shape can help reverse the aging process. She also reveals ways that older exercisers have the edge over their younger counterparts (hey, mental fortitude beats flat abs any day!). – Judy

Are there any advantages to aging when it comes to fitness? A few, thank goodness! Seasoned adults have survived and dealt with challenges and adversities that would cripple a younger person. This develops a mental toughness and discipline over many years of life and makes up (to a degree) for the physical decrements that this same longevity brings about. Does that mean we need to alter our training as we age? Yes and no. Training modalities and intensities of the mature athlete are basically the same as the youthful athlete, believe it or not. The only difference is in the recovery; you can train as hard and as long just not as often.

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