Vagina Lightening Cream for Lady Bits So White They Shine!

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[Editor's Note: Summer's just around the corner! Which means it's the time of year when white women try to get tan, and brown women try to keep themselves from... getting browner. Skin lightening creams are nothing new in Asia, Africa and Latin America, but now there's a whitening product aimed where the sun don't shine. Seriously. Jen Wang of DISGRASIAN writes about how the colonial and cultural quest for fairer skin is going places it's never gone before. --Grace]

Light skin is still prized in Asia for a number of reasons that have to do with longstanding notions of race, class, and gender. Good thing then, that there’s a booming market for skin whitening creams, many of them manufactured by Western companies! And good thing the companies who make these creams also make commercials, because quite a few of them–beyond their creepy, disturbing premise–are kinda hilarious.

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