A Valentine's Day Gift to Benefit the Whole Family: Pre-Planned Date Nights

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Editor's Note: Every year I say that I'm going to do a better job planning -- and actually going on -- date nights with my husband. Every year we fail for one reason or another: lack of babysitters, the month flies by, we can't figure out what to do, we're lazy. I think we really need to follow the lead of Polly at Thriving Home and plan a year of date nights. It's really kind of awesome -- and would be a great Valentine's Day gift for you and yours. -Jenna

A Valentine's Gift that You'll Both Enjoy All Year Long:

Before we had kids we had the luxury of having a date night once a week. We didn’t always go out but we always tried to have a plan or do something out of the ordinary. Now that kids have entered the picture we’ve lost a little of our enthusiasm for weekly dates. Last year, as Valentine’s Day rolled around I started scheming up an idea: Plan a date to be revealed and carried out each month of the year. That way I knew, no matter what 2012 may hold, we would at least have one quality date a month.

At the beginning of each month we’d open our preplanned date try to carry it out. There were some where we didn’t follow through but for the most part we had our date each month. After a few months I had forgotten what each month was so the dates started to become a surprise to me too!

Date Nights
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