Follow the String to Your Valentine's Day Surprise

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[Editor's Note: Santa brings Christmas gifts down the chimney, the Easter Bunny fills up baskets - why not spice things up for Valentine's Day this year? You could just set a card and gift out on the table, but wouldn't a maze of yarn be more fun. Elizabeth from Cotton and Curls came up with this clever idea that starts with a taped piece of yarn and a sign reading 'follow me'. The yarn tangled web of yarn goes all over the house and ends with a gift. - Jen]

Valentine's Day Idea: "follow the valentine's string"

Elizabeth wanted this day to be special to not only her Valentine, but for her kids too: "Every year I squeeze in a little creative way to say how much I love my man. The first year we were married, I stuck sticky notes all over the house with little sayings on it and little reasons why I loved him. This year, I wanted it to be a little adventure, not only for him, but for the kiddos!"

Valentine's Day Idea:


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