Chinese Toddler Dies After No One Stops to Help

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You've probably seen the security camera video of the Chinese toddler getting run over -- multiple times -- by cars, while bystanders did nothing. The two-year old girl, Wang Yue, has died in a Guangzhou hospital.

How does a society get so callous that it allows this to happen? Maria Wen Adcock of Bicultural Mama has an insightful analysis of some of the factors, and why she thinks it's not that different from the corporate greed that's catalyzing Occupy Wall Street:

While human life in general appears devalued in China, it’s especially tragic for children who cannot fend for themselves. Kidnapped children are forced to work as slave laborers in illegal brickwork and mines. Tainted infant formula injures and kills babies. Or a van rolls over a toddler while people watch and continue on.

The common link through all of these scenarios is money. In the U.S., one of the grievances of the Occupy Wall Street movement is the widening gap between the rich and poor. In China, this divide is even sharper, driving people to shut off human empathy for the sake of gaining or retaining money.

Read the rest of What is the Value of a Child's Life in China at Bicultural Mama and tell us what you think.

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