[Video] Kristin Wiig Says Emotional Farewell to SNL

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[Editor's Note: Love her or...dis-love her Kristin Wiig's departure from SNL this weekend was emotional. Did you watch? If you missed it, Pop Watch has just about every clip you could ever wish to watch. What do you think the lay of the SNL land will look like next season? Who do you think will fill Wiig's shoes? --Morgan]

Wiig’s emotional farewell...used a loose graduation premise to send her off in style. As Arcade Fire played “She’s a Rainbow,” Wiig danced with each of her cast mates in turn and tried to hold back tears. She seemed particularly choked up when Hader and Jason Sudeikis cut in. Finally, SNL head honcho Lorne Michaels had the last dance, and the band segued into “Ruby Tuesday.” Jagger, the band, and the cast sang the wistful tune together, joined by a few SNL vets — Amy Poehler! Rachel Dratch! Chris Kattan? — who had turned out to see Wiig off. Whether or not you’re Wiig’s biggest fan, it’s tough to watch this touching tribute without tearing up.

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