Bleach or Vinegar For Cleaning: Most Effective and Safest?

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Those of us that avoid chemicals face a tough decision when it comes to fighting germs. Sure, vinegar works great for cleaning counter tops and other household surfaces but what about deep down disinfecting? One of our favorite sleuths, ecokaren, dug deeper in this helpful, comparative post:

With flu season, I’m thinking … “d.i.s.i.n.f.e.c.t.” anything I can get my hands on. But I’m wondering if my obsessive vinegar use is good enough to fight those nasty germs that can wreak havoc during winter. My kids get sick at least once, like clockwork, no matter how many times they wash their hands and how religiously they take their vitamins.

So I was thinking, should I use bleach in drastic times like this? But I can’t even walk down the detergent aisle at the supermarket without gagging. I once walked out of a restaurant because of lingering chlorine smell. The underlying message wasn’t that appetizing anymore. “What was wrong with the restaurant that they needed to douce the place with chlorine?”

I had to do some digging to see if vinegar was enough to combat the upcoming flu season. I even dug up my old Microbiology class notes to see what works best on those invisible critters that cause so much havoc during winter....

Bleach v. Vinegar

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