Virginians Protest Proposed Ultrasound Bill--and Forcible Penetration

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[Editor's note: Would you be up for a totally unnecessary vaginal exam? One not required or even suggested by your doctor or ob-gyn, but ordained by a bunch of mostly male legislators you’ve never met, who know nothing about your life or medical history--and don’t really care about either? I thought so. I am referring, of course, to the
Virginia bills that would declare a fertilized egg a “person” and then force women to have a completely invasive and punitive vaginal probe before they could have an abortion.
But Virginians are pushing back. Yesterday a group called Speak Loudly with Silence for Women in Virginia led a protest outside the Capitol. And as Nathan Cushing at RVA News reports they were anything but quiet.--Mona]

He writes:

Karen Kersting, a PhD candidate studying psychology at VCU, said that these bills were a violation of taxpayer dollars. “I was just horrified…It’s very offensive to me that legislators would be so flippant.”

Caryl Burtner, a Richmond resident for thirty-eight years, said that “these issues are so important” and that the “right to control your body is a fundamental liberty.

“No one likes abortion,” continued Burtner, who said that education and contraception are the best ways to lower the abortion rate. She referenced a Christopher Newport University/Richmond Times-Dispatch poll that found that 55% of registered Virginia voters opposed the ultrasound requirement before an abortion, saying “this is not what the people want.”

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Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, who has vowed to sign the ultrasound bill.

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