I Am Not a TV Commercial Mom -- Are You?

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[Editor's Note: There's a commercial on right now that shows a mom loving her little baby clear into school years, and everything is perfect. Pinterest-perfect, if you will. I hate that commercial as I sit on a dreary gray day with a kid who won't get out of pajamas and a dog that tracked mud across the carpet. Wrinkled Mommy wrote about TV commercial mommies, how their families are portrayed, and the kind of commercials she'd like to see. I say, "Amen!" Also, pass the carpet cleaner. -Jenna]

Wait, Did That Commercial Just Call Me a Loser?:

358/365 - April 27, 2009TV mom’s house is quiet as she slowly backs out of her child’s room.I’m raising my voice to the kid in the other room to get back in bed or you’re going to get in trouble! Commercials don’t show you that.

When are we going to see true to life commercials? The ones where we say “If I have to ask you one more time, you’re going to get it!” Those are the commercials I want to see! You show me that and I will SO buy your carpet cleaner! I need to see other families struggling through exhaustion, food stained T-shirts, messy houses, and sometimes being generally P’O'ed with every exhausting thing around them.


Photo Credit: meddygarnet.

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