"The Walking Dead" Devours America's Heart

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[Editor's Note: The Walking Dead came back with a vengeance for the second half of it's season, bringing the curtain down on it's sophomore year by shattering records all around it. The Mary Sue's got a replay of Sunday's finale. Were you watching? --Morgan]


I’m going to go ahead and talk about things that happened during the second season, so if you’re saving yourself and don’t want to read spoilers, read no further.

So, this season was pretty devastating for our regular group of survivors, as well as the nice family they’d been staying with on Hershel’s farm. We lost Sophia (Madison Lintz), we lost Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn), we finally lost Shane, plus we found out that Jon Bernthal was going to be on another new show... We found out Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) was pregnant, and it totally caused problems. And while the farm started out as a reliable safe haven, at least until we found out it was filled with zombies, including Zombie Sophia, a good portion of that group died too — you know, once Rick Grimes & Co. came to, um, crash. Goodbye, Otis. Goodbye, Jimmy. Goodbye, Patricia. We also know what Rick (Andrew Lincoln) found out at the CDC at the end of season one: they were all infected with the zombie virus. And now, people become zombies without ever being bit.

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