Family Decals Make it Hard for Single Moms to Pick Up Dates

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[Editor's Note: I know you've seen the little stick figure families on the back of vehicles. They've been "all the rage" for the past couple of years. I always think it's sad when there's a half-of-a-family-member because they got washed off or blown away on the freeway. Sorta Southern Single Mom has a funny little take on the decals. Do you have any on your vehicle? -Jenna]

A Walking... Make that Driving... Advertisement:

Family DecalsWhen we were at Disney World a few years ago and I saw the little mouse-ear families on the back of all the cars, I thought I might get some...until I realized that as a single mom, having such decals on the back of my car would be a walking ~or should I say "driving"~ advertisement, so I refrained.

Then my birthday came around and my former step-mother-in-law of all people sent me a family of decals as a gift. The children saw them and got very excited and so I became a driving advertisement.

It didn't help the dating situation. I still didn't meet any men. On the plus side, no one followed me home and attempted to break into my man-less home either, so there is that.

Photo Credit: cjc4454.

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