warming up our coffee corner (giveaway)

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I’ve been slooooowly making my way through the huge list of house projects I’ve curated over the past couple of years (ridiculous how things come to halt just because you have a BABY, right???) Since January, I became BFFs with our paper shredder and finished purging our office of many many folders of useless paper, organized some junk drawers, cleaned out some kitchen cabinets, and emptied my closet of maternity clothes. Then I moved on to some actual home improvement projects: first up, our kitchen. I painted the walk-through pantry/hallway area (it’s called a butler’s pantry which makes me feel super fancy and also slightly ridiculous because if this house has a butler, IT IS ME and that’s not at all fancy.) and took care of the wall and ceiling damage left from The Great Tub Leakage Of 2011. . . .

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