Washi Tape Makes Everything Cuter - Even Outlet Covers

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[Editor's Note: For someone who does not own a single roll I sure am obsessed with washi tape. I have several rolls of virtual washi for digital scrapbooking, but that would not do me much good if I tried to cover a switch plate. After seeing these adorable washi tape adorned outlet covers on That’s what (Che) Said it might be time for me to invest in the more tangible type. My worry is that I too would start covering everything in washi tape. It starts with something innocent like a light switch cover and then your addiction spirals out of control and nothing is safe from the cuteness of washi tape. - Jen]

Washi Tape Light Switch & Outlet Covers

Cheryl had this to say about her new spunky covers: "My craft room (we will just call it that from now and leave the laundry out of it!) is a place for color, creativity and inspiration, right? Right! So why not make the ugly plate covers purrrrrrr-ty? I think I will!"

Washi Tape Light Switch & Outlet Covers


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