Watched Ken Burns Prohibition Documentary Movie

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I watched Ken Burns' Prohibition documentary mini-series with my 8th and 11th grade sons as part of our homeschool history studies a couple of months ago.This 5.5 hour series: Prohibition (2012) is not just about the prohibition but is about the 1920s and 1930s as an era and it is about the cultural influences that can rise to seek to change the law and what it takes to make Constitutional amendments. It was fascinating to learn that the problems of American men drinking was not solved by prohibition but instead drinking alcohol was spread to women also and to drink in public in social settings sprang from prohibition itself. Hearing of all the problems such as corruption, the swell of organized crime in the role of proving illegal alcohol and how prohibition actually increased drinking which led to the repeal of prohibition in the end was all part of the telling of this historical event.As with other Ken Burns documentaries, the events are told with photos and video from the era as well as with narrated facts and interviews with people who lived through the experience.My kids and I all learned a lot. . . .

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