The Watchers: An Artistic, Unexpected Thriller

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As summer reading lists make their appearance, one book that keeps popping up is Jon Steele's The Watchers. The book description makes my toes tingle. "Beneath Lausanne Cathedral, in Switzerland, there is a secret buried before time began, something unknown to angels and men, until now... Three lives, one purpose: save what's left of paradise before all hell breaks loose." Doesn't that just sound delicious? Swapna has already read it and in her review of The Watchers she says it's a great book if you can go with the flow. - Karen

the watcher jon steeleIt’s only once the reader is past the halfway points that things seem like they may start coming together. This may make The Watchers sound like a difficult, cumbersome read, but surprisingly, it’s not. The character of Marc is so charming and appealing that I enjoyed getting to know him and spending time with him, though I had no idea where his story might be going. I chose to put my trust in the author, and was rewarded at the end of the novel with an explosive plot twist.

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