The App That Keeps Track of Your Water Intake

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Editor's note: Drinking enough water every day is essential for health, only if you have trouble keeping track of how much you've drunk, there's an app that can help. Lauren road-tested Waterlogged, an app where you use your phone to photograph the cup or bottle you're filling. Then the app automatically calculates how much water is in it, and keeps a running tally of your intake. That way, you know exactly how close you're coming to meeting this important fitness goal (Lauren came up short—but hey, at least now she knows!). – Judy

When I saw my friend Dani posting photos on Instagram of an app called Waterlogged, I became intrigued. Dani had challenged herself to drink 100 oz. of water a day, and was consistently meeting that goal! Since I need to be more diligent about drinking enough (more!) water each day, I thought I’d give it a shot. I downloaded the app almost two weeks ago, and have been tracking my water intake every single day- and I love it!

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