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It appears the parent who was arrested at the district headquarters a couple of weeks ago got a settlement for $10,000, with an additional bit of money for the lawyer for doing minimal work, for a grand total of $17 grand.Not that the parent didn't deserve something for what he went through; after all, the poor guy was arrested: The Washoe County School district has agreed to pay Larry Dailey, a parent arrested outside a school board meeting in June $10,000 and cover his legal expenses according to attorney Ken McKenna.McKenna said the district agreed to drop all criminal charges and the trespass order.Dailey has agreed to move forward and drop prior complaints, McKenna said."It's a little slap on the wrist," said McKenna. "But this wasn't about the money. This was about the district apologizing." Of course the board will have to approve the settlement, and since this really DID happen, unlike the bullshit one where I was named all those years ago, there is no reason for them not to approve it. . . .

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