We Put The Fun In Dysfunctional

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Yesterday at Father's Day dinner my dad asked me why I don't have any business cards for my blog, the conversation went a little something like this:Dad: Sometimes I bring your blog up in conversation, it would be nice to have something I could handle people with your blog address on it so they can check you out.Me: Are you trying to offend these people? I think it's probably best they just take your word for it and then go on with their day, forgetting the link you verbally shared with them.Dad: But hey, you wrote that cool post about me and now I'm famous.Mom: Thank god it wasn't me who left you in the parking lot...Me: One: Neither one of us are famous. Two: Mom, maybe I should write about the time you went to the bathroom and I drank your glass of wine.Dad: Some kids get dropped on their head, others begin their road to alcoholism at 5 years old.Me: You always taught me I wasn't allowed to be a quitter.Then my brother and I began sharing horribly inappropriate sloth memes with one another because my family puts the "fun" in "dysfunctional". . . .

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