Building an Aquaponics Garden

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Why put all that labor into gardening when you can make a bunch of fish do it? This is the secret beyond aquaponics. Okay, maybe it's just one of the secrets - there may be more, as Jaden Hair soon discovers:

I showed him this Kickstarter campaign for a home aquaponics system, which I immediately backed and after watching a few YouTube videos on home aquaponics, he asked the magic question: Why is it so difficult to set up an aquaponics system for the home garden? 

Which led me to say, “It’s really difficult to set up. I don’t know of anyone, other than strangers on YouTube, that has built one in their backyard. What would be really cool is if the whole thing was AUTOMATED and you could control it with your iPhone.”

Which led him to say, “I bet I could do it.”

Which led me to silently give myself a high-five.


Image: Cara Harpole via Flickr


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