We're Not Co-Sleeping... or Using a Crib

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Has your mom ever called you crazy for a parenting decision you've made? Maybe your mother-in-law? Tara, at Tall Tara, has endured such things from her mom (though her mother-in-law has been too polite to say it) because they're not using a crib for their adorable baby. Unlike the to-cosleep-or-crib-your-baby arguments, Tara and her husband have chosen a no crib, bed-on-the-the-floor option. Have you heard of this before?

She shared how they came to their decision:

From the beginning, Adam and I never liked the idea of a crib. We called it a “baby prison”. There are stories of Adam crawling out of his crib, while I used to slam mine against the wall to get the attention of my parents. Yikes. Could you imagine what our offspring would do to a crib?

We discovered an alternative while reading a book about Montessori and early childhood development. Montessori believed that a baby should sleep on a small bed on the floor in a room that’s been made safe for him. This way, a child can foster his sense of exploration by having the ability to get out of bed and crawl around his room. He can also engage in solo play time, which is as important for baby as it is for Mom.

no crib baby

Be sure to continue reading -- because the pics are twelve kinds of adorable.

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