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Adoptive parenting can be tricky. While adoptive parents want to be seen as equals in comparison to "regular" parents, the truth is that their parenting journey comes with some different terrain and, thanks to decades of ignoring the differences, a general lack of map as to how to pass through some of the issues. Thankfully, adult adoptees are sharing their own journeys now, and Christina from Diary of a Not-So-Angry Asian Adoptee recently shared a list of ten things she thinks adoptive parents should know -- and do.

Some of what she shares might be hard for some to read, but it is vitally important.

Heart In Hand1. Adoption is not possible without loss. Losing one’s birth parents is the most traumatic form of loss a child can experience. That loss will always be a part of me. It will shape who I am and will have an effect on my relationships—especially my relationship with you.

2. Love isn’t enough in adoption, but it certainly makes a difference. Tell me every day that I am loved -- especially on the days when I am not particularly lovable.

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