What's the Difference Between a Marriage License and a Driver's License?

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Editor's Note: Getting a driver's license is a lot of work. My marriage license, on the other hand, happened in a flash. What gives? Shouldn't we take as much care to ensure people are equipped to manage their relationships as they do their SUVs? In this post, Lee Block breaks down the differences between a marriage license and a driver's license. -- AVF

Let's start the journey into my mind by examining what it takes before you can even take the drivers test to get a drivers license. Buckle your seatbelts, it'll be a bumpy ride, and the law says, click it or ticket (as if I could resist that metaphor!).

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- Must be at least 15 years old, depending on the state
- 32 Classroom hours
- 7 driving hours
- Alcohol course
- Written permit test

Once you have completed all of this -- and passed -- you drive with an adult in the car for another six to 12 months, depending on your state before you can take the driver's test and if you pass that, you finally get a license. THEN, for the first year of driving, you are only allowed to drive with one passenger in the car, unless you are with an adult, so no hauling around your friends.

That's a lot of knowledge and work to operate heavy machinery. The requirements to get a marriage license are ridiculously simple:

- A trip to the County Clerk’s office
- Must be 18 or older
- A few days to a few weeks wait to get married, depending on the state

Not any training for that!

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