What to do When Work Dries Up

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[Editor's Note: As a freelancer or entrepreneur, inevitably at some point the work may just dry up. Then that puts the fear of God or financial distress in you immediately. So, what should you do when faced with a gaping hole in your schedule (and income)? Here are some practical tips. - Paula G]

When The Work Dries Up

What do you do when the work dries up? If you are a freelancer or your contract is over and you don’t have another one to go to immediately or you have been laid off what do you do? We are living in difficult times. I am in this very situation at the moment, I am a freelancer and the company I have been working at has stopped using any freelancers so I am not working. Not working is a very stressful situation, if you have not been in such a position; you probably don’t what it is truly like.

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when work dries up

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