What Do Your Books Mean to You?

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I know a number of people who don't get attached to the books they read. They look at my bookshelves, ask if I have an e-reader and wonder why I don't replace them them with e-books. They don't get that I have a physical connection to not only that edition of a book, but that actual book. I've never really tried to put into words what my books mean to me like Stefanie has, but I can't tell you this -- they are important. - Karen

"But do all those books mean anything? The thought of not having any books scares me. Each time in my life I’ve had to pack up all my books because I was moving I would become distinctly unhappy, short-tempered, very stressed. Upon moving into a new place, the first thing that got unpacked were the books and I’d immediately feel better, I was home. Which would mean that books must represent a sense of home and stability, comfort and safety for me. As long as I have books, everything will be alright."

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Credit: Billy Rowlinson on Flickr

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