What Does Feminism Look Like?

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[Call me hopeful, but I like to think of feminists as one big happy--if slightly dysfunctional--family. With the occasional spats, differences, and resentments, but ultimately the same goal: to improve the social, political, and economic lives of all women. So I really warmed to this post by Oh Hells Nah at News Taco about her awakening as a feminist when she was a teenage girl. How did her post resonate with you?--Mona]

She writes:

After a long sermon about women’s subservience to their husbands, I said goodbye to the Catholic Church. Our relationship was already on the rocks, but that was the final push. It was also the day that I decided I was a feminist. I had already felt frustrated with the machismo I saw in my family and in my culture generally, but that moment made me particularly aware of gender inequality.


Credit Image: Morning Theft on Flickr

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