What Does Motherhood Feel Like?

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If I ask you what motherhood feels like, can you tell me? And I don't mean emotionally, in your heart or in your brain. I want to know what it feels like, physically. The touch, the movement, the feel of motherhood. Natalie at The Mama Track captured the feel so eloquently, so beautifully, that I felt myself reliving those moments and feelings as she wrote. That is good writing, and as an extension, good mothering.

As Natalie writes, I can feel the sensations she shares:

Holding hands with my Booey.The ache echoing through my upper body, weary from carrying them both, sometimes simultaneously.

The constant throb in my elbow, tendonitis flaring from lugging a chubby baby in her car seat.

The pressure of his arms, wrapped around my leg as I try to bustle through the house, holding me back, asking me to wait.

His hand in mine, as we walk down a stairs or through a parking lot.

Her hand holding my thumb.

Her weight in my arms as we rock.

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