Did You Experience Sexism When You Were Pregnant?

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[Editor's note: When you were pregnant, did people make sexist assumptions about you? They sure did with me. For instance, people just assumed that I'd take care of the baby while my husband did very little because a) he was disinterested, b) he was adorably inept, or c) he was too busy doing "important" stuff like working. They certainly didn't expect him to take paternity leave, which he did. (And thank god, because our son had manic colic.) Avengingophelia at What if No One Is Watching? has a great post on this topic called Pregnant adventures in benign sexism. What's been your experience with sexism in pregnancy? Let us know!-Mona]

The doctor mentioned having evening hours available for appointments "so that Dad can come, too." An anecdote about not knowing whether to call the nurse advice line or go to the ER was illustrated with a frazzled, uptight stay-at-home-mom and a father who "just wanted some dinner when he got home from work!" Most tellingly, though, even though Mark and I were both right there, the doctor addressed only me when discussing all of the baby health decisions one makes in a child's first few months of life, then addressed only Mark when discussing insurance and payment.


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