What He Would Ask Santa For... If He Could

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[Editor's Note: While your kids are busy writing up their letters to Santa this year, I'd like you to take minute and read the letter that Heather shared at The A-Word. Well, she shared two letters. The "simplest" letter Santa has ever received that her son actually wrote... and the heart-felt letter she wrote for her son that dictates what he would have asked for if he actually could. I dare you to not be moved as it continues on. -Jenna]

Dear Santa.:

SantaDear Santa,

I have tried my hardest to be on my best behavior this year. My sensory difficulties and lack of verbal skills really get in the way sometimes Santa but I really do try!

Speaking of which Santa, it would be killer if you could make the connections in my brain work easier so I could find the words I want to say when I want to say them. It really blows when I can't tell people that I want to listen to the Bee Gees or can't tell them that I'm hungry or that I just need to use the bathroom.

Also if it isn't too much could you make the bathroom more sensory tolerable? And maybe just take away all the anxiety I have around going to the bathroom. You see, I'm often constipated (sorry for TMI Santa!), and because of the years of being constipated I've developed some REAL anxiety around the bathroom.

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