What I Think About in The Middle of the Night

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When I have difficulty falling asleep or I've awoken from a bad dream, I've found that if I think about a movie from the beginning, including character names, plot, or whatever; I can usually fall back asleep. Thinking about my favorite movie seems much more soothing than any late night terrors that might be on feature that night.The other night the finale of Friends was playing. I was having difficulty relaxing into sleep so I tried to decide What happened after the last episode.This is what I decided: Monica and Chandler's kids are just like them except the boy is like Monica and the girl is just like Chandler.Rachel & Ross moved in next door to Monica, because of course they did.Phoebe and Mike stayed in the city and had twins named Cake and Plate but their nickname is "Joey"Joey bought Monica's apartment and fell in love with Janice's sister, who looks just like Janice but isn't all Janice-y.The imagination is a fun thing when it's late at night. . . .

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