What I'm "giving up" this Lent

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The upcoming Lenten season has brought into focus my here-and-now, my present.Lately, I haven't felt like a super awesome mom. Each day, I usually get into bed thinking about how I didn't have enough patience, I didn't put my phone down when I should have, I didn't give the kids enough quality, one-on-one attention. I haven't had the energy or motivation for art projects in months, and my head is swimming with things that I want to be accomplishing or doing, and I'm struggling each day to balance those things with my family's needs.Between a highly stressful tube wean, more than usual doctors' appointments, the general tasks of keeping the kids fed and dressed and entertained, and a toddler who wants to be attached to me at all times, there have been more and more days when I need a good 10 minutes locked in my room after Evan gets home to simply breathe and hear myself think.And so when Lent approached, I considered how to celebrate this season, what I want to get out of it. . . .

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