What Is Inherited From Growing Up Poor

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I didn't grow up poor, but my parents are extremely frugal in many ways. I inherited the need to save in order to feel secure, which is making me crazy in the current economy when it is so, so hard to save. Crystal's story makes me realize how good I had it then, and how good my daughter has it now to get vegetables at every meal.

Crystal writes:

Our dinners came in tiny portions, of which included over-cooked meat (we couldn’t afford food poisoning!) and things from a can. I was a teenager before I learned that canned soup should have water or milk added to it; somewhere along the way my grandma must have internalized conservation of those precious liquids. On more than one occasion we used powdered milk with our cereal (which is more like milky water), and I never had a fresh vegetable unless I went to a friend’s house for dinner. My friend’s parents marveled at how much I ate when I visited – I was tiny, after all, and didn’t hit 100 lbs until I was a teen.

soup can

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