Trying to Conceive After Your First Baby Dies

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[Editor's Note: I'd be hard pressed to think of anything worse than your child dying in your arms. Kristine at Cora's Story experienced just that when beautiful Cora died in her mother's arms -- suddenly and unexpectedly -- of an undetected heart defect. Kristine has been raising awareness and helping parents learn about congenital heart defects since the loss of her precious daughter. Now she is on another journey, trying to conceive another child... and she writes beautifully about the painful path. -Jenna]

What It's Like to Try to Conceive a Baby After Your First Baby Dies:

Not PregnantWhen you're trying to conceive your second child after your first child dies, you'll worry endlessly that your next child will have a birth defect or other disorder. You'll take folic acid supplements, probiotics, prenatal vitamins for months, and if you miss a dose, you'll convince yourself you're a horrible mom.

You'll take a pregnancy test daily as soon as you are nine days past ovulation. With every negative test, it will feel like a little part of your hopes and dreams died all over again.

If your first baby was conceived effortlessly, like Cora, you'll worry that she was your only chance. That you won't be able to conceive another child.

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