What Is Low-Spend Month?

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[Editor's Note: Lauren first wanted to do a no-spend month from August 15-September 15, then realized low-spend was more realistic. See what she's spending and not spending on this month -- and what she's saying to her kids. -Rita]

Low-Spend Month: The Start of a Cheapskate Adventure

A lot of times, parents keep budgeting behind the curtain (my parents did, at least, and refused to talk about money with me), so that as kids we grow up thinking that adults can buy anything they want to — after all, they have a house! and a car! and lots of food! and look at those twenties in their wallets that came out of the machine! — but that they just refuse to buy the kids certain things out of pique or something. (Like, why oh why did my parents never buy me a battery-operated ride-in car? Or a horse? Or a battery-operated ride-on horse?) Letting kids in on the fact that you do indeed have limited amounts of money and have to choose what to spend it on, from housing to transportation to food to other non-negotiables and then whatever fun stuff might fit in the leftovers gives a clearer picture of what adult finances look like.

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