What Makes You Trust a Blogger?

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More and more, people are turning to bloggers as a source of information.  According to data collected by BlogHer and utilized in the Women and Social Media in 2012 study, 98% of BlogHers (and 81% of the general population) trust the information and advice they find on blogs.  But what makes a blogger credible?

Community Organizer 2.0 explores this idea of credibility and blogging in a post about how to become a voice of authority in your chosen area of expertise.

I was recently asked “what makes a professional blogger credible?” and it gave me pause to think. (In this case, I’m particularly thinking about individuals who are blogging about professional topics, not organizational or personal bloggers.) So, what makes one blogger appear to be “credible” and another not? Or one blogger more credible than another in this age of citizen journalism and blogging democracy? Here’s my list of what I think it takes to be a credible blogger.

Generosity in spreading ideas, writing frequently and consistently, and building community are three of the traits on her list.  What would you add?

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