My Son Tells Me I Answer "The Question" Wrong

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There are some topics that no mother every really finds all the right answers to. For me, I spend a lot of time talking with my son about my divorce from his father, the sudden deaths of my parents last year, and his AD/HD, all of them minefields for "wrong" things to say. Jana from Jana's Thinking Place has this, too. But on a much more complicated and sad topic: the number of children she's had, since one of them died when he was very young. Read on to see how her other son wants her to handle it. Kids are amazing. Here's a snippet from the post; click over to read the whole post.

The Day I Got Busted Saying "One"

Yesterday, I took Henry for a haircut. You know, a good ole birthday haircut because he was starting to look like Shaggy on Scooby Doo. Now he looks even MORE grown up than he did in yesterday’s post.

Anyway, he was getting his hair washed and the girl was talking to him.

Girl: So how old are you?

HL: I’m 7. Today’s my birthday.

Girl: {getting all excited} Really? That’s so cool! Happy birthday! What are you going to do tonight?

HL: We’re going to go have a birthday dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise.

question mark

Credit Image: Karen Eliot via Flickr

Girl: Oh, what are you going to get?

HL: A cheeseburger. But without cheese. Just meat.

Girl: {giggling} That sounds delicious.

HL: I love it. Have you been?

Girl: No. {looks at me} He’s so cute. Is he your only child?

Me: He is.

HL: {gives me the crooked-head whatchu talkin’ bout Willis look} MoooOOOom!

HL: {tells the girl} No. I have a brother. Mom, tell her.

Me: {feeling myself blush and my heart start to race} …

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