What Not to Say to a Black Woman

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Really? Really? When a person says things like "All (insert race here) are..." you know that what follows is not going to be good. Except that sometimes it's kind of funny. I'll just let Awesomely Luvvie explain what happened when a white woman walked up to a group of black women at a party:

“Oh my gosh I just love Black women. I LOVE you all. You’re all just so fun and sooo… spicy.” Wait… are we jabanero peppers??? We’re spicy? Ok.

I look at the rest of the ladies to gauge their reactions and to see if they were in their heads freaking out too. And they were. I looked at Chesca and her face was a literal O_______O. And she pulled out her iPhone and started typing with vigor. I knew she was headed to Twitter to share the comment. And Nicole was looking like O_o while Tina was just like “Ummm…”

Then it continued.

Colorful word bubbles, Image Credit: Shutterstock

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