Pope’s Resignation: A New Catholic Weighs In

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As someone who spent the majority of her life as non-Catholic, Elizabeth - now an ardent Catholic - has a unique take on Pope Benedict's resignation:

I have to say, I’m very impressed. It is supremely rare to find a man freely willing to relinquish such a powerful position. Above all other considerations, I see a beautiful, exquisite humility in the Pope’s decision. I have to say, it is the kind of humility I rarely saw in all my years as a Protestant....

One of the reasons I came to Catholicism was because so many Protestant churches had either discarded foundational Christian beliefs (many times in order to stay “relevant” and “seeker friendly) or had a pastoral power structure that was simply unsustainable.

I found a silent witness of peace and humility in the Catholic Church. I found this despite all the scandals, human sinfulness, screw-ups and messy history of the Church.



Image: © Donatella Giagnori/Eidon/ZUMA Press.

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