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[Editor's note: I try to be hopeful about women’s rights. I really do. But sometimes reading about rape, violence, poverty and other problems inflicted on women around the world is absolutely mind-boggling. But as Connie Schultz at Appeal-Democrat.com forcefully points out, American women are facing a very real threat right here at home. Your thoughts?--Mona]

The Guttmacher Institute reports that in the first three months alone of 2011, legislators in 49 states introduced 916 measures related to reproductive issues. More than half the measures -- 56 percent -- seek to restrict, sometimes eliminate, abortion access.

Why, after all that 2010 campaigning on jobs, jobs, jobs, do so many Republicans want to wage this war on our women?

When politicians restrict women's legal right to abortion, they threaten multiple aspects of a woman's life, from her physical and emotional health to the economic stability of her family. Only a fool believes this assault on women will prevent abortions. Only a self-serving zealot celebrates putting so many women's lives at risk.

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