What Would My Kids Do, Dateline? Climb Into that Ice Cream Truck!

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[Editor's Note: While I love Dateline, I hate their show My Kid Would Never Do That. It made me nervous and anxious that all of the best parenting in the world couldn't possibly keep my kids safe from predators. Tracey at Don't Mess with Mama recently called out the show for their unnecessary, over-the-top scare tactics. She raises some good points. What do you think? Do you use this show as a discussion board for topics with your kids or do you silently watch in horror? -Jenna]

What Would Your Kids Do: Dateline's Scare Tactics:

New York. East Village. Ice Cream TruckPersonally, I’m opting not to watch the series or discuss it with my kids. Yes, I’ve had the stranger danger talk with them—we even have books about it. But the way that the show sets up the situation with the ice cream truck, well, let’s just say that I’d probably climb back there too. It was pretty tempting, and let’s be honest: I’m not sure that’s a real-world example of stranger danger.

We all make mistakes. I don’t like the idea of using hidden cameras to catch kids (or adults for that matter) to test how they’re doing. If someone used a hidden camera on me, I’m sure there’d be quite a few parenting infractions on my part – everything from yelling at my kids to get dressed in the mornings to telling them to wear their underwear two days in a row.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s absolutely important to talk to kids about strangers being dangerous, texting while driving, and bullying.

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