Wheels T6 and U6: Sally Hansen Layering Polishes

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Nail Wheel Wednesday is back, today with two wheels, both full of Sally Hansen layering polishes from lines that are no longer around, so I guess we can call these "vintage". Because they're sheer, I swatched them both on their own and over black.The first wheel features Star Opal Nail Glaze colors, which haven't been in regular full price stores in years but were showing up in dollar stores as recently as a few years ago (and I just checked and found some colors on Amazon for mostly reasonable prices). It also has two New Lengths with Teflon, which if my memory serves, I got from my Canadian friend mrsrexy (definitely from someone in Canada, as they have both English and French on the labels).(all two coats, except for 9 & 10, which are three)1. . . .

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