When Anaphylactic Shock Happens at the Family Dinner Table

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[Editor's Note: Do you know what to do if your child experiences a severe allergic reaction to food? Pamela Hutchins recently walked her readers through a scary experience with her daughter. As someone with a food allergy, it was interesting to be on the other side. I learned a lot watching Pamela learn a lot. You should really read what happened, how they handled it; you never know when the knowledge might come in handy. -Jenna]

In the Blink of One Blue Eye:

EpiPen Auto Injector“Do you want to go to the emergency room?” We had asked her this question a million times in her short life, just to call her bluff. Always she said, “Noooo-ooo-oo-o.”

“Yes,” she said. “Yes.”

Total elapsed time since Susanne ate her first bite, less than three minutes. I had on my PJs. I threw on a dress. My hair was wet and uncombed from the shower, but I just grabbed my purse and Eric and I headed for the door. Susanne walked behind us. Halfway to the car she said, “I really can’t see,” and she started weaving drunkenly. My pulse started to race. I put my arm under her shoulders and helped her in the car. Her lips were chalk white. Her feet were lobster claw red.


Photo Credit: gfriese.

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