When Becoming Your Mother Isn't a Bad Thing

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You know that one time when you said that one thing and you thought, "Oh no. I've become my mother." We make jokes. We cringe. But for some, that process -- becoming your mother -- is a dream. Crystal at A Bunch of Britts shared how she'll become a mom in the next two months and what that really means to her.

She remembers:

MomI’ve always wanted to be my mother. I can remember as a child feeling immense disappointment when I knew I had disappointed her, and I can remember the tremendous pride I felt that she was my mom. She was the young mom, the mom I always wanted to show off to my friends. I can remember how excited I’d get when the stars would align and she would be able to take off work to go on a field trip with me. Unadulterated time with my mom was always the best treasure I could ever stumble upon.


Photo Credit: quinnanya.

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