An Annual Pap Test Saved My Life

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Editor's Note: This post may save your life. After skipping the dreaded pap exam one year, Northern Belle Diaries returned to her OB/GYN only to find out that she tested positive for the HPV virus, but she needed to have part of her cervix removed in order to treat the High-Grade CIN, or severe dysplasia which threatened to become cervical cancer. After remaining silent in the years following her LEEP, she has stepped forward to talk about the experience in the hope that other women will go for their annual pap smear so they don't develop cervical cancer. --Mel

I kinda suffered in silence. Only really close friends knew about my LEEP surgery. This was not something I blasted on social media. Why? Because I was ashamed. Now I know that the general public is suffering from a lack of education on this topic. I was only 27. Had I skipped out on that exam today, I might not be here.

My message to women of all ages: DON'T delay your GYN appointment, especially if you have ever been intimate with anyone. HPV can be transmitted even WITH condoms. It is a skin-to-skin transmission, so using a condom won't protect you.

Have you had your annual pap smear this year?

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Image: Pap smear by Euthman via Flickr

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