Dino Dan and Other Kids Shows Miss the Mark

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[Editor's Note: Have your kids watched Dino Dan yet? My kids love it, and they may very well be the kids that Whitney at American Whitney is talking about in her post. But don't be fooled, her post is not picking at the dinosaur loving kids but at the show itself. What unfolds is a mind-bending post that pulls in Sesame Street, Dinosaur Train and even Jurassic Park. You're sure to look at Dino Dan differently after this post! -Jenna]

When Kids Shows Just Miss the Mark:

DinosaursYou know him. You might have been him -- there’s always one in a class. The little boy that’s obsessed with dinosaurs and knows everything about them. No matter what you try to talk about, they find a way to link it to dinosaurs.

That’s Dan. And because this is a show about him, his classmates tolerate him and even think he’s cool.

But there’s a problem. You see, Dan doesn’t just know everything about dinosaurs -- he sees them all around Toronto. The show commits itself to having Dan believe this, even convincing his best friend it’s real. But nobody else believes him, and there are hints all around that it is Dan’s imagination. What could have been a very entertaining show about the power of imagination instead feels more like a little boy who is so desperate for his father that he creates the one scenario that’s guaranteed to bring him home -- real dinosaurs.

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