When Newborn Photography Goes Too Far

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When does newborn photography go too far? With every birth announcement it seems everyone is striving to have the most original, clever and sometimes seemingly dangerous newborn photo. What is wrong with just a plain old picture of mom and baby snuggling? Since when did we start stuffing babies into glass jars full of candy? Blogger Michelle Black asks all these questions and more in her thought provoking post: Newborn (and portrait) photography: Has Originality Gone Too Far?

Michelle comments:

The more I studied and practiced, the more uncomfortable I felt. Babies in vases and on plates, on bookshelves and hanging in awkward positions. Just looking at some of the images made me uncomfortable, even knowing that many were safely created; if a portrait of a baby made me uneasy in any way or the thought of safety came up at all, then it was no longer, in my mind, a portrait of a baby… but instead a conceptual artistic photograph.

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Credit Image: Jennifer Perkins


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